Last week I sent out an email titled, “One Quick Question for You,” that asked simply, “What's the one thing that you're most interested in improving in your business over the next 90 days?”

As I wrote in my last blog, I botched the database link and so instead of getting a personalized email, you received a note that instead was addressed to < First Name >. I got a bunch of well-deserved guff for my faux pas.

But I also received an unprecedented number of real answers where you let me know exactly what you're really concerned about.

I entered the different answers you sent on a spreadsheet where I tabulated the issues and totaled them up. 

Here's what you are concerned about:

25% want more .

13.33% of you care most about your & .

Employee Issues are most important to 12.5%.

Leads and were 11.67%, 9%, , Email, and Internet 7.5%, Strategy 6.67%, Capital and Revenue 5%, , Relations, and Data Management were all less than 5%.

By the way, the miscellaneous category – which served as a catch-all for the random answers – scored a 12.5%. But since that silo also includes answers such as, “not you,” and random carnal requests, I'm not taking them too seriously.

back through the list, you might notice that a few of the categories, specifically “Sales” and “Leads & New Business” could be easily lumped together, increasing their count to almost 37%. And if you add “Branding & Marketing”, “Strategy”, and even “Capital & Revenue”, that number shoots up to almost 62%.

Simply put, 62% of the people who answered my question want to know how to create a strategy to generate leads, pursue new business, close your sales opportunities, and increase your revenue. I'll bet a very high percentage of you reading this want to do the exact same things.

Asking you what you want – and getting your direct answer — was the best research I could have done. Thank you for your honest answers. 

Knowing what you're looking for I now have another question for you:

If what you want are solutions to your concerns about leads, sales, and new business, then why haven't you already signed up for our new Strategic Roundtable

Because solutions that drive results to those exact concerns are EXACTLY what we're going to discuss and create.

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