As Individual As You Are…

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has been building their iconic 911 sportscar since 1964. That's more years than any other car in current production. 

In 2017 Porsche built their one millionth 911. Today that one model is available in nine different trims and 15 different configurations.

When you design your own 911, you can choose from 20 different standard colors. And, as the company says, “…if the perfect color for you isn't in this palette, Porsche stands ready to deliver your new vehicle in any color of the rainbow.”

Match your favorite nail polish or your chihuahua's coat? No problem.

Your new Porsche comes shod with your choice of over 42 different wheel designs and at least eight different finishes for the wheels you select.

You can choose from four different seat designs: electric sport seats, adaptive sport seats, sport bucket seats, or just plain sport seats – all of which are available in five different upholsteries. These include Bordeaux Red, Mojave Beige, and Truffle Brown. Or maybe you prefer a two-tone leather interior in Black and Atacama Beige along with corduroy seat centers and door panels?

No problem. All you gotta do is check the box and sign the check.

Thanks to 's response to 19, you don't even have to go into the showroom to outfit your new 911. Just visit the Porsche site and fire up their car configurator. As Porsche says, “The Car Configurator has no boundaries when personalizing (sic) your Porsche. Creating a car as individual as you are.”

In case you don't know, I love Porsche 911s. My father drove them and rallied them and I grew up with an inexplicable passion for the cars critics call “ass-engined German bathtubs.” I can drone on for hours about the differences between the classic Pasha and Pepita interiors or the aesthetics of German Fuchs' rims versus the Italian Speedlines.  I've got all the books and magazines stacked in my office and the replicas of some of my favorite models sitting on my shelf. It's an interminable condition my wife calls “ Porscheguese.”

So if I were to order a new 911, I'd probably spend hours and hours on Porsche's Car Configurator, geeking out over packages, options, suspensions, colors, and more. Chances are I wouldn't even be able to make a decision, finally succumbing to “paralysis by analysis.”

But that doesn't mean that anyone else would care about the details other than me and a few of my other Porsche crazy buddies (Ronnie, Juan, Carlos, I'm talking to you).

It's the same with your and your business. 

You're celebrating the 12th anniversary of your business? Congratulations. Who cares?

You've just purchased new computers, new trucks, new systems? Good for you. So what?

You were chosen the “Practitioner of the Year” by the American Association of Professional Practitioners? That's very impressive. Big deal.

None of these things matter to anyone except you.

So why is it that we spend so much time telling our potential clients about all the things we've done that they don't care about, instead of telling them about what they do care about?

What's that you ask? They care about their lives, their businesses, and themselves. 

More specifically, they care about how we can make their businesses and their lives better.

Most people – and most of your customers – care about themselves and their businesses first. They want to do business with you if you can do one of three things for them:

Save them time.

Save them effort

Save or make them money.

Tell them about those things and they'll pay attention. Tell them about why you're so wonderful and you're just talking to yourself.

A good rule of thumb? Keep in mind what anthropologist Margaret Mead said: “Always remember that you are absolutely

Just like everyone else.”

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